Assessment Report - The Circular Economy Ecosystem in the MENA Region

Covering Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Palestinian Territories
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This assessment report examines the current CE ecosystem and legal frameworks in seven MENA countries (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Palestinian Territories) and provides recommendations for specific programs to accelerate circular growth and identifies challenges and opportunities in government involvement, access to finance, research, human capital, and business support.

The economic, political, and social struggles in the MENA countries often push them to put CE on hold. However, the prioritization of CE in these countries and the work towards its systemic integration can lead to several positive externalities.

Recommendations include strengthening legal frameworks, enhancing international cooperation, promoting transparency and stakeholder engagement, incorporating circularity in public procurement, and exploring sustainable financial instruments. It also emphasizes the need to integrate circularity in education, capitalize on informal participants' activities, provide funding and support for CE businesses, and foster collaboration among stakeholders. The successful integration of CE in the MENA region can have positive impacts on the government, economy, and society, including resource efficiency, new revenue streams, and improved well-being.

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Froso Hadjivasiliou (Beyond Group), Omar Abdel Samad (Beyond Group), Tania Ayoub (Beyond Group), Krzysztof Jaros (Kompetus Management Consulting GmbH), Felix Richter (Kompetus Management Consulting GmbH)